SBEM stands for Simplified Building Energy Model. These calculations have been required as part of Building Regulations since 2006, and are carried out to assess the energy performance of an existing or new build commercial property.

Our energy assessors are highly skilled and knowledgeable. All of our assessments are carried out using the SBEM Online software and we’re accredited by Elmhurst

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What Is An SBEM Calculation?

An SBEM calculation is a model that provides a clear picture of the energy performance and carbon emissions of your proposed building. It is a SAP calculation for a non-residential property.

SBEM uses the National Calculation Method (NCM) to calculate the proposed buildings annual energy use and can also identify ways to save money.

It also takes into account the U-Values of the building fabric/thermal elements (roofs, walls, windows), and once constructed, the air tightness of the building.

Finally, it’s an important tool in helping the Government drive down carbon dioxide emissions and achieve its specified annual carbon targets, to ensure we are making positive steps to a greener future.

Just like with a SAP calculation, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is produced


Do I Need An SBEM Calculation?

All new build commercial properties are required to have an SBEM calculation carried out which provides a BRUKL report and an EPC. The EPC is required to be able to sell or let the property. Existing commercial properties require an EPC to be produced when the property is due to be sold or let so the potential buyer can establish the current EPC rating of the building.

For existing commercial properties, the production of an accurate, up to date EPC allows the owner/tenant to make a judgement on whether it is practical to purchase or let the property based on the current energy consumption, the potential cost of upgrading the property and whether it applies with the MEES(Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards), which demands that any property with an EPC rating of less than an E cannot be rented out.


What information would I need to provide?

The following information is required to provide a full calculation:

  • The building construction plans
  • The types of heating to be used
  • The types of lighting to be used
  • The ventilation and air conditioning that will be used
  • The use of any renewable energy sources (solar PV, wind turbines and ground/air-source heating etc).

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