Are Sound Testing and Noise Testing the same thing?


When it comes to assessing the acoustic performance of buildings, the terms “sound testing” and “noise testing”, amongst many other names, are often used interchangeably. Whilst they often refer to the same test, there are some nuanced differences between them. Exploring this discrepancy sheds light on the different terminology used within the realm of sound insulation testing.

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The Truth About Air Source Heat Pumps

After the government announced that its air source heat pump scheme has missed its first-year target, we explore why this might be the case, including analysing whether heat pumps are a suitable replacement for gas boilers and even how flawed SAP methodologies might even lead to a worse EPC rating after installing a low-carbon heat pump.

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Part F of UK Building Regulations Explained

Part F of the UK Building Regulations focuses on ventilation, which is an increasingly important aspect of building design and construction. It specifies the minimum standards required to provide adequate ventilation in a building, and is concerned with ensuring that sufficient air changes occur within the building to provide a healthy indoor environment. 

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